TERA Skywatch cancelling the new update because of economic issues

TERA Skywatch: New Heights

The last TERA Skywatch: New Heights update brought with it a bit more than En Masse traded for, and now it will be rollbacked to clean things up.

In concordance with player accounts, the patch let subbers to sell departed dungeon scrolls to NPCs at a highly inflated speed that suitable for Korea but not for the western players. Therefore, the economy was blasted in a moment as a notably large amount of money striked the game and players begun buying up everything they can see.

So, on April 10 En Masse made a statement: the will roll back the update.

“After the completion of yesterdays maintenance, several exploits were discovered that granted players unfair advantages, and delivered unintended rewards and materials. As well, an easily accessible item was granting extreme amounts of gold, causing large economic issues. As a result, we will be executing an emergency maintenance. During this time, we will be accomplishing three things: Player progress will be rolled back to just before maintenance ended on 4/9. Dismantling semi-enigmatic scrolls will have an adjusted rate of delivery for entropic emblems. Free instance reset scrolls obtained from the Elite consumables box will have its sale price reduced drastically.”

En Masse will give a compensation to the TERA players for the game time they lost with a bonus experience event running for one day.

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