TERA celebrates it’s 7th anniversary in May, En Masse has prepared celebration contest and gifts

tera anniversary

It’s been a while since TERA’s launch and its turning seven soon, in May, to be more accurate, wow! To celebrate the anniversary En Masse has prepared a lot of fun. Players who accomplished daily anniversary Vanguard Requests is going to get some gifts, like Celebration Tokens, Haste Coins, Strongbox Keys, Starlyn’s weeklies for level 65 toons, more vanguard dailies for mid-level toons, weekend dungeon and battleground bonuses and et cetera.

Also there is a contest running for a physical statue of the game’s archer class.

Archer Statue Contest

“During the Seventh Anniversary Event, we’re giving away archer statues to lucky players! Each and every player has two ways of being selected to receive this rare piece of TERA memorabilia to decorate your game room:

  • Purchase one Contest Entry Receipt from the Celebration Token Shop (limit: one per account). The Contest Entry Receipt qualifies you to be entered into a raffle for the elin archer statue.
  • Complete Bahaar’s Sanctum for a chance to receive one of four Elin Figure Coupons. If luck shines upon you, Bahaar may drop an Elin Figure Coupon when defeated. When that occurs, be sure to pick it up immediately! This will guarantee you a real life elin archer statue—no raffle involved!
  • DISCLAIMER: Only players in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union are eligible to win the prizes. Winners agree to be responsible for any applicable taxes and duties.”

Have fun, celebrate, win contest and get your gifts!

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