Tattoo Punk creators sure: punk’s not dead

Supported by No Gravity Games and Varsav Game Studios polish Cyber Rain Games announced adventurous simulator including management elements called Tattoo Punk. Its plot moves the player to the distant 2100 where cyberpunk is thriving. You’ll turn into the tattoo salon manager there.

A widower named Henry is our main character. He managed to leave poor remote village and now is trying to concern his little son. He chosen to start tattoo busines as making tattoos is the only thing he is doing well.

Our hero will have to try hard in order to make money for living and to liquidate the lending. He has to add much value to his work to carry out his needs. The players will get the ability of get tattoos upon requests and bargain for their works desperately. It’s also possible to create unique drawings as implants and skin decorations.

We’re going to make the studio better and better, to spread our business, gain loyal clients and build relationships.

The release date is still unknown, but we must say that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC.

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