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The Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion has received a full trailer.

So, the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion got a full trailer tonight to kick off the FFXIV digital fanfest. The team also delved into the content of the upcoming expansion in the main program, touching on the second of the new jobs that will appear in the expansion: The Reaper. The two-handed weilding reaper […]

In May the Final Fantasy 14 digital fan Festival will take place.

The  Final Fantasy XIV digital fan Festival will be held in May, and Square Enix has detailed the schedule for this event.. Fans can see the full schedule on the official Fanfest program, complete with streaming times, events, panels, and even a full Q & A session. The FFXIV Digital Fan Festival kicks off at […]

Final Fantasy 14 has published patch notes.

Finally, we waited for it. Final Fantasy XIV  has released patch notes for its upcoming Death To Dawn update today. The patch notes set the stage for next week’s 5.5 update, which will appear in the MMO alongside the expected PS5 beta.The patch notes give players a deeper look at what to expect from next […]

Final Fantasy XIV is waiting for some updates.

So, the Final Fantasy XIV team in their latest post showed some changes that players can expect in the update next week. Well, first of all, the achievements menu has been updated. Instead of receiving achievement rewards from Jonathas in Gridania, the team moves them to the achievement menu itself, saving players time in the […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Big; Possibly as Big as Other Final Fantasy Games

As the fan beloved Final Fantasy VII Remake is about to hit the market on April 10th, Square Enix has unveiled an interview with game developers bringing some clarifying  details about the upcoming release. Here are same key notes from Interview: Game co-director Naoki Hamaguchi said, that remake has been “designed as if it were […]