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Тhe team behind Аshes of Creation has removed the verbal NDA.

So, the team behind Аshes of Creation has removed the verbal NDA associated with their alpha. However, the visual NDA still applies Yesterday, this information was posted on Twitter through official channels, stating the following: As already explained, you still can’t share screenshots or videos outside of private official channels. Stephen Sharif addressed the Discord […]

A conversation about the products of a cash register store.

Well, Ashes of Creation creative director Stephen Sharif is most likely not the most outspoken developer in the industry, but recently his hot-eyed take on Amazon Game Studios ‘ upcoming title, New World, has made some waves. The post about the controversy in question was not deleted, but was deemed “unprofessional” by Sharif himself earlier […]

The Ashes of Creation test without the NDA Alpha One has been postponed.

So, the upcoming Ashes of Creation test without NDA Alpha One was supposed to take place on June 1 and last for the entire month, but in an update, Intredpid Studios announced that the test will be postponed until July. Just two tests that happen in very quick order for Ashes of Creation, the first […]

Live broadcast of Ashes of Creation Dev.

Ashes of Creation Dev will be live streamed today at 2pm ET. Here’s a quick PSA: The newest live broadcast of Ashes of Creation is scheduled for today at 11a PDT / 2p EDT. You can expect to receive the latest development updates from the community team in addition to the usual questions and answers. […]