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SWTOR would like to do without RNG in the loot in the future

The MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic will get the new expansion “Legacy of the Sith” in 2021. This introduces new content and a new max level, but also some general improvements. One of them revolves around the subject of chance in loot, which is to be greatly reduced in the future.

What changes with the loot? As the developers have announced, the RNG factor in relation to loot is to be removed from the game in the future. Instead, players should be able to work towards better equipment and an upgrade.

Specifically, the changes look like this: most of the new equipment and improvements for your equipment should be guaranteed through weekly missions.

The Group Finder will offer a limited number of Flashpoints and Story Operations each week, which will give you a guaranteed upgrade for your weakest piece of equipment. If you run the Flashpoints several times, you will get a currency that can be invested in upgrades.

In the future, bosses will either drop a new currency for which you can buy new equipment, or a fixed reward that you can use to upgrade your equipment.

The system in PvP will be similar to that of Flashpoints, so there are certain missions that will grant you upgrades. Fame and random drops are slated to be removed with patch 7.0.

The equipment should be static and not moddable, so that the upgrade path is easier. At level 80 you should be able to get equipment with the item value of 320. The maximum release level of the extension will be 334.

Are there no more random drops at all? Indeed. In Flashpoints, for example, you will receive random crafting materials and vanity rewards. You can get a detailed overview of the drops on the official SWTOR website.

New expansion comes in 2021, new events in 2022

What’s up with the new expansion? The new expansion “Legacy of the Sith” is due to appear in 2021. This continues the storyline around the renegade Sith Darth Malgus.

The extension should offer the following content:

  • The maximum level increases from 75 to 80 over the course of the story
  • We travel to the water planet Manaan and some other places
  • A new flashpoint on the planet Elom
  • A new operation in the wreck of a research station
  • New “Combat Styles” feature that combines a class story with skills from other classes
  • Revision for a “tighter” class design
  • Character creation improvements

A number of events and updates are also planned for 2022, which will appear throughout the year. It’s going to be a special year for SWTOR, as the MMORPG was released in 2011. The 10-year anniversary should be celebrated accordingly.

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