SWTOR: "Legacy of the Sith"

SWTOR: “Legacy of the Sith”

Fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic can look forward to new content. The developers have announced a new expansion.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic is always concerned that the game slowly opposes its end. “Was this extension the last one?”, One hears as a worried question of the community. But apparently they are still unfounded. Because SWTOR has just conjured up a new extension: Legacy of the Sith.

The story continues the way around the renegade Sith Darth Malgus. The plans still a big deal, although not so clear what that should be. To uncover the heroes travel on the water planet Manaan and some other places. There are not yet available, but a few first artworks already reveal, with which flair you can count on the (sometimes) new worlds.

Which content should it be? Again, not all content is known, but the following information has already been revealed:

  • The maximum level rises in the course of the story of 75 to 80.
  • New Community missions to be harder than all foregoing, including:
  • A new flashpoint on the planet ELOM
  • A new operation in the wreck of a research statement
  • New “fighting styles” function, which combines a class story with skills other classes
  • Revision for a “firmer” class design
  • Improvements for the character creation

Further information will be safely revealed in the coming days and weeks. Many events in 2022 planned: the publication of “Legacy of the Sith” should be only the starting signal for a whole series of different activities.

All year 2022, you can celebrate the 10th anniversary of SWTOR and to a complete year “New content, events, updates and more”.

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