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SWTOR gets new expansion “Legacy of the Sith” in December

The new expansion “Legacy of the Sith” for the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic will appear in mid-December.

What kind of extension is that? In December, SWTOR celebrates its 10th anniversary. Fittingly, the new expansion “Legacy of the Sith” appears, in which the story of Darth Malgus is to be continued. The highlights of the expansion are:

  • The new max level 80
  • New story content, including on the planet Manaan
  • The new Flashpoint Ruins of a Sith fortress
  • A revision of the drops, so that coincidence should be almost completely excluded
  • The introduction of the legendary equipment
  • A revision of the fighting styles of the classes
  • The Operation R-4 anomaly that will be released a little after the expansion starts

In addition, the update should be the start of a series of events and other content updates. Overall, the developers are currently planning content for at least 10 more years, as they told in an interviews.

When will Legacy of the Sith be released? The release will take place on December 14, 2021.

Who is the extension for? For expansion, of course, is primarily aimed at fans of the game. They get a continuation of the story, new tasks and dungeons, new houses and many other adjustments.

However, it is also a good time to start over with SWTOR. For everyone, this is due to the revisions of the classes, the adjustments to the loot and the new legendary armor. They take some frustration out of the game and at the same time allow you to catch up with the veterans of the MMORPG more quickly.

In addition, useful general adjustments have been made in recent years, such as revisions of old content, the introduction of Battle Passes, which are even well received, new cutscenes and relaxations for Free2Play players. These are all reasons to watch SWTOR again.

What changes are there in terms of content? Above all, players can look forward to a sequel to the Onslaught story. This is how it starts with the expansion on Manaan, a marine planet. The Sith have invaded Manaan. The planet should be generally dark, windy and very chaotic. However, you will be constantly moving on land. There will still be no swimming in SWTOR.

The second big story block happens in the new Flashpoint Elom. Flashpoints are like dungeons, but they tell an important part of the story. This particular case is about Darth Malgus looking at ancient Sith ruins. So that even players without a group can cope with this content, there is a story mode for solo players.

In the story content you should meet some familiar faces from previous updates and expansions, including Tau Idair, Major Anri or Lana Beniko. However, the focus is on the Sith Darth Malgus, who already made his appearance in Onslaught and who aims to end the struggle for power between Jedi and Sith.

What are the gameplay changes? The biggest innovation relates to the loot:

  • You should no longer get new equipment via drop, but via quests, weekly missions, the group finder or directly via PvP.
  • In the future, bosses will drop a currency that you can use to buy new equipment.
  • Fame and random drops, on the other hand, should be removed with patch 7.0.
  • However, random rewards and vanity items will still be available as random drops.
In addition to the changes to the loot, the class system will be adapted. In the future, you can freely choose your fighting style within your type – either tech or power:
  • Troopers get access to all kinds of weapons, such as sniper rifles, which was not the case before.
  • All Jedi Knights, in turn, have access to fighting styles such as Guardian, Guardian, Scholar or Shadow over the course of the game.
  • Sith players can choose between the fighting styles Juggernaut, Marauder, Witcher or Assassin.

Another innovation is the legendary equipment. Each player can wear 2 legendary pieces of armor at the same time, each of which gives a unique effect. These bonuses will replace the set bonuses in the game in the future. Here too, newcomers in particular benefit, as they can get legendary equipment straight away in the future instead of having to farm sets.

The anniversary will be celebrated in a big way: As the developers have announced, the expansion will be the prelude to a big anniversary celebration. After all, the 10th birthday is taking place. There should be events, live streams and new content throughout the year.

How is SWTOR doing in general? Star Wars: The Old Republic is a Free2Play MMORPG, but with restrictions. Because for all content above level 60 you have to pay or take out an optional subscription that gives you access to all content during the paid time. You can also tell from the game that it is getting on in years. The combat system is classic tab targeting, in which the skills also cause a global cooldown. So you can only use one ability at a time.

You can also tell graphically that it was published back in 2011. It can’t keep up with modern games like Black Desert or New World. But it has an incredibly deep focus on story and is a celebration for every fan of Star Wars.

Story is the highlight of the game: In SWTOR, every main quest offers you the constant opportunity to make a decision. In many places, you can even flirt or have relationships with characters. You also have multiple chances to spare enemies or to strike them down – regardless of whether Jedi or Sith. That adds that certain something to the story.

If you are just starting out with SWTOR, you have access to hundreds of quests and story content, numerous dungeons and a wide variety of PvP content. They are expected to fill up with more players again with the launch of the Legacy of the Sith expansion. Because whoever queues for PvP content now has to wait a few minutes for a match to start. Nevertheless, it is still worth taking a look at the MMORPG in 2021.

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