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SWTOR brings one of the best trailers in the world again

Star Wars: The Old Republic brings a “new” trailer; an HD version of an old classic. And the fans celebrate it.

No matter what you think about SWTOR, there is one aspect of the game that has always been widely praised: the impressive CGI trailers. Already at the release there were a lot of them that showed the conflict between republic and empire and recorded particularly important events.

Now, 10 years after the original launch of the game, BioWare is bringing the most famous trailer again – in 4K Ultra HD.

What kind of trailer is that? It is the “Deceived” trailer that was originally released on June 1, 2009. The trailer shows the attack on the republic-planet Coruscant, which is quickly taken over by the empire and badly damaged in a major attack. Now the trailer is available in 4K Ultra HD – and it looks better than ever.

This of course includes pretty Twi’lek, bounty hunters and a lightsaber duel in which the better side wins (namely the empire).

The focus here is also on Darth Malgus, who later rose to become Emperor and also played an important role in the last few expansions. He is one of the key characters in SWTOR.

Trailer is considered legendary: This trailer for SWTOR has also gained fame beyond the boundaries of the game like Destiny 2. For many, it’s more than just a trailer, but – just like the other cinematics in the game – a Star Wars short film. Accordingly, there is also a lot of praise in the comments below the video on YouTube:

“These cinematics are some of the best Star Wars content ever.”

“I wish the people behind this video would make an entire movie. I would pay to see that. ”

“It’s kind of impressive that this old 5-minute trailer shows us a clearer and more complete plot than the storyline of the sequel films.”

In addition, it’s a very informative trailer that shows more than just a story. Because many of the actions in the cinematic during combat are skills that Jedi, Sith and bounty hunters can also use in the game.

What’s the mood like in SWTOR right now? Apart from that, the new expansion “Legacy of the Sith” is about to be released in SWTOR. The developers want to break new ground and, for example, remove random factors from the game in many cases. It remains to be seen whether the expansion can give the MMORPG another boost in attention and players.

Some also hope that the developers will now publish all trailers again in Ultra HD, as a “countdown” for the new expansion and a brand new trailer that goes with it.

How do you like the Ultra HD version of this classic trailer? Impressive or did you prefer to see something new?

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