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Swords of Legends Online crashes and problems.

So, the launch of Swords of Legends Online did not go quite smoothly, since the current problems with the server led to significant failures in performance and stability. Swords of Legends Online has been shut down for emergency maintenance several times over the past 24 hours as Gameforge continues to grapple with major issues related to the issues.

But while startup problems are usually common when it comes to MMORPGs and other games with live services, the problems with the Swords of Legends Online server were almost constant from the very beginning. Despite contacting Microsoft in an attempt to determine the source of the problem on July 9 around 3: 00 pm, the servers were taken out of service again around 7: 00 am on July 10 for emergency maintenance. Currently, the servers are being backed up and running, but some users are still reporting crashes, visual glitches, and much more. On the official discord website, a member of the Baldrov quality assurance team appeared from time to time to help players get back into the game and work as intended. Many users at discord are currently still experiencing cases where the login servers are not showing up or there are problems with the frame rate, but Gameforge continues to claim that they are dealing with this case and will continue to monitor the problem and solve the problem accordingly.

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