MMORPG Sword of Legends Online: two beta tests dates

Two beta tests of Sword of Legends Online dates are known

Gameforge announced exact dates and time of closed beta testings of west edition of MMORPG Sword of Legends Online.

There are going to be held two parts of test:

  1. The first one is from the twenty-first to the twenty-fifth of May;
  2. The second one is from the first to the eighth of June.

The users who made preliminary order via Gameforge Client or Steam will can take part in beta testing. The ones who got keys at giveaways & contests also can participate. By the way, maximum edition of the game includes some extra keys for friends.

As the publishers say, CBT Sword of Legends Online has been already stabilized. All of the available content works the right way. Gained while beta testing progress will be lost with the end of the test, but premium valuta will be partially returned to the owner as a small thank you. Don’t forget that participants will be awarded with unique reward, but now it is a secret!

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