A Day-Long Life: Sumire Coming To PC And Nintendo Switch

The Japanese studio GameTomo Team, known for the action movie Ballistic Craft and the post-apocalyptic Project Nimbus, has released its new project. And this time it’s Sumire’s casual anime-style adventure. So far, the game only supports English and Japanese, but the creators promise more localizations.

Sumire takes place over a day in a picturesque Japanese village. The sad girl Sumire meets a spirit that promises to fulfill her most cherished desire. But to do this, she will have to cope with a number of very different assignments before the end of the day – and at night it will become known whether her life will change.

Until June 2, Sumire is available for purchase at a release discount on Steam and the Nintendo Store. Additionally, the creators have released an artbook and soundtrack, and they can be purchased separately or as part of the Complete Bundle.

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