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Successful start of the closed beta testing of New World.

The Amazon Games team has finally announced the successful start of the closed beta testing of the MMORPG New World. Now a huge number of fans of the game can personally go to the island of Aeternum and get acquainted with the project. But there are several ways to get into the closed beta testing. For guaranteed access, you need to buy the game from Amazon or Steam. A free, but less reliable way is to leave a request on the official website and hope that the developers will choose you.

Participants of the PTA can share any materials, as well as conduct live broadcasts. No more restrictions. Those who have already purchased the game on Steam automatically got access to the closed beta testing and “New World Closed Beta”was supposed to appear in their library. We recommend that the rest of you check your email. The closed beta testing will last until August 2. After that, the studio will delete all your progress. The official launch of New World is scheduled to take place on August 31.

Amazon Games planned to launch the game last year. However, the developers had to change the deadlines several times and finalize the project. The team spent an additional year adding content to the game, as well as various improvements. During this time, New World has changed a lot and has acquired various activities.

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