Starts the 11th season of the Guild in Albion online.

Today, December 5, starts the 11th season of the Guild in Albion online.

Today is the start of the new crystal League 20×20 in addition to balancing points and daily limits in Crystal League matches. If your Guild ranks high enough, you can enjoy rewards such as Avatar, Avatar ring, and wandering Bastion.

What will be the main changes?They include improvements to the area world boss that will be able to turn these areas into a useful agriculture of glory. The Board look forward to increasing changes in the scoring of the castle and of the minimum distance. Because finally you will be able to skip crowded clusters.

Players can also find more detailed information on the main page. And with awards for brackets that relate to the requirements for crystal, gold, silver, bronze, and iron ranks.Below you can watch a video about the changes.


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