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Starfield will have more than twice as many lines of dialogue as Skyrim

During a special Xbox presentation at the 2021 Tokyo Game Show, Starfield’s Creative Director Todd Howard stated that the new RPG will have over 150,000 lines of dialogue and full Japanese voice acting.

As part of the Tokyo Game Show 2021, Xbox held a special presentation aimed at the company’s Japanese fans. During the presentation there was a brief announcement from Todd Howard, Starfield’s Creative Director. According to Howard, the new RPG from Bethesda will have a complete Japanese voice output and over 150,000 lines of dialogue.

Fallout 4, for example, has 110,000 lines of dialogue and the now ten-year-old Skyrim just 60,000. This is arguably a pretty good indicator of how big Starfield will actually be. It was already clear that Starfield was no small game, after all, the title is produced by Bethesda, but concrete numbers are always pretty nice.

It is also nice for Japanese fans that they can look forward to a complete voice output in their language. Starfield is Bethesda’s first new IP in over 25 years and is expected to be released on November 11, 2022, should the release date not be postponed.

The new RPG will also be released exclusively for the PC and the Xbox Series X | S, for which Bethesda apologized a few months ago. So far, Todd Howard has only made vague statements as to whether Bethesda’s next project, The Elder Scrolls 6, will also be released exclusively for Xbox consoles. But we don’t need to worry about this for the time being, as the next offshoot of the popular role-playing game series will only appear after Avowed and the new part of the Fable series.

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