StarCraft: Sarah Kerrigan Figurine by Mayflies Studio

StarCraft: Sarah Kerrigan Figurine by Mayflies Studio

Mayflies Studio has released an impressive new work, this time featuring another outstanding female character from the Blizzard gaming worlds – Sarah Louise Kerrigan. The studio has created a 1:5 scale statuette of Queen of Blades, measuring 73.5 cm high, 35 cm long and 35 cm wide. It will go on sale in early 2022 at a price of about 650 USD.

If you’re a StarCraft fan, you’ll probably want to add this trophy to your collection. The figure is very high-quality and detailed. Kerrigan is expertly designed and painted from the base to the ends of the hair. Given the fact that StarCraft has a lot of fans, most likely you will have to “fight for” the figure.

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