Starbase a new minecraft-like MMO will bring you to the space in 2019

Starbase a new minecraft-like MMO will bring you to the space this year


Sci-fi and futuristic themes in MMOs like Destiny 2 in nothing new nowadays. The new sci-fi MMO called Starbase from finnish developer Frozenbyte will come to Windows PC later in 2019, and this game IS something unusual, since you got to build spaceships with others! “Starbase is our dream come true, a universe where almost anything is possible,” says Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen.

The Gameplay & Features

The game universe has no ends, and it seems hard to find a rival or ally to play with in this vast cosmos, but there also will be two opponent factions to join in, so the searching won’t be long. The sandbox mode is also available to those, who prefer to explore the game by themselves or in a group of friends.

Speaking of ship building, it’s easy to build and modify your ship, since the game models and uses everything down to a single bolt. Imagine how creative the process can be. You and other players are able to make tons of unique designs. Bad news: things are as easily destructible as they’re easy to create. One small mistake and be ready for a long repair.

AND, we forgot to mention: in this game you’re a robot, no humans in a sight.

The Early Access period will last around one year to stress test the server infrastructure, as developers report. The game price wasn’t announced.

Check the trailer below.

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