Star Wars: The Old Republic is participating in the celebration today.

So, Star Wars Day is coming up soon, which means that BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic is participating in the celebration today. From yesterday, from May 5 to May 11, players who have entered SWTOR can get a mini pet droid-astromech for their problems. The new pet droid, named the M4-Y10 Astromech Droid, is named after its release date and year (May fourth, 10th year), marking the upcoming 10th anniversary of the MMORPG this December. By the way, you don’t have to do anything to earn this new pet. Just log in to SWTOR during the promo period and you will receive it in your inbox.

“In honor of Star Wars Day and as a sign of our appreciation to all our players in a galaxy far, far away, we are giving away a mini pet droid-astromech M4-Y10! This astromech got its name in connection with the 10th anniversary of the Old Republic, which will come in December this year. The M4-Y10 is special in that it draws inspiration for its look from a Bad Batch! Just log in to Old Republic anytime between May 4 and May 11, and your very own astromech mini pet will be waiting for you in your in-game mailbox.”

In addition to all this, the May events will include a double XP event for a full two weeks, starting on May 4 and continuing until May 18. Star Wars: The Old Republic will also hold a collection sale during the period when the Astromech will be available to interested parties.

And also, the latest update of the Star Wars game: The Old Republic, 6.3 The Dark Descent, recently aired last week. This new update brings a new historical encounter, the Jedi Enclave, as well as the official start of the SWTOR battle pass called the Galactic Seasons. Also, in case you missed it, in other May Fourth news, SWG Legends officially launched its Bespin expansion update yesterday.

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