Star Trek Red Alert Events Start May 28

The Red Alert events will start in Star Trek Online on May 28 and will run until June 4.

All Red Alert events will be returning at the same time on PC. Your favorite content that will be available during these events will include:

  • Borg Red Alert
  • Elachi Red Alert
  • Tholian Red Alert
  • Tzenkethi Red Alert
  • Nakuhl Red Alert

All the above will offer daily bonus progress. This will be doled out each day when you complete a Red Alert event. After you get your five such bonuses, you are going to receive a package which will contain:

  • An Ultimate Tech Upgrade
  • A Specialization Point

Additionally, this can be purchased on the events page, if this is what you so wish. Keep in mind that any price here will be prorated depending on the Daily Progress bonuses you’ve earned. If you get this package, however, you can still participate in the Red Alert events.

If you complete one Red Alert event a day, you’ll get a bonus of 8000 Dilithium Ore. The bonus will increase by 1000 ore for each additional complication.

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