Star Trek Day starts online today.

So, very good news for today. Star Trek Day starts online today .

This event will last until September 14 at 12 o’clock Eastern time on all platforms. As mentioned, this event is planned to create a Starfleet Museum, which will be located in orbit over deep space nine and the earth’s space dock. This Museum will include ships that you might have seen in the star trek movies and more.

In fact, you can hail all the crews of these ships. This will give you some behind-the-scenes facts and other tidbits from the show, as well as about the ship itself. If you hail all ten ships, you will receive the title of expert on historical documents.

If you want to find more events, then you can go for details. These events include some conversations with cast members and the creative minds behind the series, including strange new worlds. Additional events include news from the universe, some new ways to interact with the public.

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