Star Sonata 2 plans a June 12 release on Steam


Steam lately is considered by many, the platform of kings! Or in other words it’s the platform that almost everyone has installed on their PCs. This makes it vital for obtaining widespread notice; one or the other. Long-running indie space sandbox Star Sonata has announced proudly that Star Sonata 2 will be launching on Steam on June 12th. That means that people can find the title on Valve’s storefront and existing players can opt to connect through that service.

While the game will still continue to be available via direct download, players are encouraged to download and wishlist the title on Steam. This will help with visibility and marketing. Meanwhile promoting the game to a wider audience. There are also plans for more announcements over the next month as the release date approaches. If you’re a veteran of the indie sandbox, it’s a chance to get some new blood in the game… and if you’ve never played it before, it’s a good time to start getting into the title.

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