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Spring update in Bless Unleashed.

So, all the fans of Bless Unleashed will have something to do on March 11, because they will be overtaken by the spring update, which the Round 8 studio has been talking about for the past few weeks, will be released on live servers at 10 am ET.

The Spring Update is the first major update released in 2021. The game is scheduled to be released on Steam sometime later this year. Let’s hope that PC players will be able to participate in the game in a way that Bless Online never could.

What does the spring update promise to give us?The spring update of Bless Unleashed promises to be something players won’t want to miss, as everything from quests and dungeons to quality of life features and class skills has been updated. The most notable of the updates are two new dungeons, an ancient weapon system, and the simplification of combat by removing an additional button in the combo system.

On a side note, many bug fixes have been added to help players progress in areas where they might have had problems before. The team also tinted some areas where players could be attacked by other players, removing them as PC zones. The entire update is sure to include a host of welcome additions for Bless Unleashed players looking for a little more depth in the game.

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