Space Punks: Action RPG from the creators of Shadow Warrior

Space Punks: Action RPG from the creators of Shadow Warrior

Space Punks has been announced – a new project by Jagex and Flying Wild Hog studio, famous for the shooters Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior. This is a colorful co-op action game in an isometric perspective. So far, the team has shown only a trailer for the upcoming game.

Gamers were introduced to four characters to fight for:

  • Duke is a handsome shooter with a minigun. Strongly reminiscent of Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The Crazy One is an anthropomorphic pig armed with twin blasters.
  • The Smart One is a feeble mantis alien. He is able to pass through enemies and throw mines.
  • The Scary One is a woman with shadowy tentacles on her back that protect her from behind.

Judging by the cutscene, Space Punks looks like a mixture of Borderlands and Diablo. Loot in the game is brightly highlighted and attracted to the characters. In addition to melee and ranged weapons, heroes can use abilities during battle.

So far, the developers have not announced an exact release date for Space Punks. On July 14, 2021, the game will go into Early Access on PC. The open beta starts in the winter of 2021. Release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series is slated for 2022.

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