Soon we will learn about the new dungeons in ESO

ESO Live, will now include the launch of the Stonethorn community dungeon later. This broadcast is scheduled to take place today at 4 p.m. Eastern time. You won’t be able to join it, but you will be able to join the community managers when they look at the recently released dungeons as part of the Stonethorn DLC. If you are not aware, the stonethorn DLC contains two new dungeons, which were named Stone Garden and Castle Thorn.

Stone Garden is located in West Blackreach and consists of the caves of Graymoor, while Thorne castle is, well, a castle. The stream will also feature some guests, such as content Creator NefasQS and a stream member known as Prestonality. By the way, you can vote which of the two dungeons is being explored for the stream, you can do it in the official Twitter.

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