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Some fixes for the latest release of Flames of Ambition content.

A new patch has been released for Elder Scrolls Online, bringing some fixes for the latest release of Flames of Ambition content.

This patch 6.3.6, brings some fixes for the dungeons included in the Flames of Ambition DLC, in addition to various other crash fixes. As previously reported, the Flame of Ambition contains two dungeons: the Black Drake’s Villa and the Cauldron. This patch solves problems with both dungeons.

For example, the Bullseye achievement in Black Drake Villa will now correctly say that you earned it on Black Drake Villa. In addition, you will be able to consistently use the corpses of the Fire Behemoths. The cauldron contained more fixes, especially for bosses:

  • Baron Zaudrus
    The corpses of Magma Daedroths, Magma Rogues, and Sentinels are now permanently littered.


  • Bull’s Blood Is Depraved
    Bullblood will no longer inexplicably transform into a random player during the impact of his Gore Rush ability.
    Bile balls can now be eaten as corpses, even if they are eaten by Bovine Blood.


  • Overseer Viccia
    Vixia’s Taskmaster traps will now properly explode if you activate them while blocking, although they will only stun those who don’t block.

Well, Flames of Ambition is the first content release as part of the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure for ESO. First it was released on PC, and soon on consoles. Blackwood is the main chapter, which will be released in June. In anticipation of its release, the team will hold a live preview on March 31, giving you the first opportunity to get acquainted with the content.


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