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So, today is not particularly good and even very sad news.

So, today is not particularly good and even very sad news. Final Fantasy 14 and many games in the modern industry wouldn’t be the same without the work of Beserk’s Kentaro Miura, who passed away this month at the age of 54. Naoki Yoshida in a recent interview spoke about Miura and his influence, as well as the praise for the players that appeared throughout FFXIV after the news of Miura’s passing.The art of Beserk and Miura has had a lasting impact on games across the spectrum, from the influence on Final Fantasy VII’s Sword of Buster to Dark Souls, even touching on the MMO space with the Dark Knight design in FFXIV taken from the works. PC Gamer recently spoke to FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida about Miura’s passing, as well as the tributes from players coming in during the week.

“It’s inconceivable what an impact he’s had on everyone,” Yoshida told PC Gamer’s Steven Messner.”

Yoshida spoke about the influence in any game he took part in, particularly the Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 14, and how Beserk became “a tried and true method of conveying mood and style for some FF14 commercials.”Yoshida also praised the fans, saying “thank you” to the players for paying tribute to Miura after his passing, stating that the tribute “shows how much people have received from me. ”

Tributes poured in from fans across the FFXIV community, with players standing guard in their Dark Knight gear across Eorza. So many players joined these Miura monuments that the server was having a hard time loading in places due to the congestion of players.

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