Slizering Shadows is now available live.

So, the latest Blade & Soul content, Slizering Shadows, is now available live. Here’s what you need to know about the latest content drop.

As mentioned earlier, Slizering Shadows brings a new raid dungeon and much more to the MMORPG. With the patch notes under our belt, we have some additional information. Stronghold of the Twisted Serpent is a new raid. The Soulstone Plains had experienced a kind of renewal.

The update also brings quite 4 new events, which includes the Call to Arms update, which will last until April 14. After maintenance on March 31, you can expect to add two new events. There are also new raid weapons available in addition to the new mystic and soul icons. Other new additions include new Splender stones, an amulet, and a soul shield. And naturally, there are plenty of new items and rewards to be earned throughout this period of Sliding Shadows events.

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