Skyforge will receive an update on December 2.

Tomorrow, December 2, Skyforge will receive an update tomorrow with the Oceanid invasion.

As it became known, the update will appear on consoles on December 3, so console players will have to wait just one extra day. One of the main points of this update is to improve the performance of the new player. If you start with a new character, you’ll be able to play through this updated tutorial, which should be much more streamlined than the new player’s outgoing experience. The tutorial will go through the Junior deity.This update also gives you the opportunity to share your experience with a friend. It works like this. Starting zones will be available for groups of two or three players. This means that you don’t have to start the game all alone. You can start over with your friends and play through the content.

It’s possible that the update brings several improvements from Junior Godhood and beyond. Again, this should be a more ordered experience, designed to avoid a power drop after the lesson is completed. Additional changes include trophy boosters, power, and structures. You can find more details here.

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