Skyforge released "New Horizons" addition on April 9

Skyforge released “New Horizons” addition on April 9


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Skyforge released its latest addition on April 9 called “New Horizons” which represents a brand new planet named Terra. The addition is already available on PC and can be launched on PS4 on April 10th and Xbox One on April 11th. It includes a whole pack of new things to do in Skyforge with New Horizons. Here’s the list:

  • New Draconid Race: The Draconids are powerful and hazardous beasts that can interfere with the new planet evolution. According to information, all the Draconids exist on Terra are army units. So far, they are collecting resources and exploring. Seems like the Draconids have no interest in occupying the planet, but why did they are presented as army?
  • New interface: As players return to the game they will find it more easy to come back into the gameplay since the new options make searching for relevant performance easier. A new consolidated overview of quests and tasks letting players to attain the highest point at earning rewards available at the moment.
  • Largest In-Game Map To Date: Terra is a huge new world and it has impressive  amount of disrupted, verdurous cities, lush jungles and abandon waste-grounds, giving new game mechanics, unsafe wildlife to go through and even a new race to unfold.
  • Changes to scaling and divine specializations: A fixed up scaling and divine specialization system decreasing the intimidating quests for new to play users and returning players to link up with their friends. To help them reach the new content while they’re enjoying the gameplay, scaling and divine specializations have been strengthened. The ‘New Horizons’ update rationalizes the number of divine specializations by bringing them all as a piece of the Temple of Deeds.

Skyforge is a sci-fi fantasy action MMORPG released by The game contains a special multi-classing system where players can level multiple classes personally on a single character. The game can be launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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