Skyforge has launched an update that adds a new Mercenary class to the game.

In the fantasy  Skyforge, an update has been launched that has added a new Mercenary class to the game, an epic adventure “Ancient Paths” and more. The Hunters of Terra update is available to all PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S users.

A new class. The mercenary is the nineteenth class of Skyforge. In the arsenal of the hero, the hand mortar is a high-tech melee gun that can release shrapnel charges at enemies, throwing them with explosives and grenades. In addition to powerful weapons, the Mercenary has technological devices, such as: antigrav and energy shield. With the first one, the new hero can briefly climb to an impressive height and attack the enemy from an unexpected position, and the shield will cover the owner from attacks.

“Ancient paths”. With the release of the update, the “Terran Rift ” dungeon will open in Skyforge, after which the team adventure “Ancient Paths”will become available. A group of several people will explore an underground maze inhabited by mechanoids. Players will have to explore as many levels of tunnels as possible, defeating enemies on the way.

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