Skate 4: No trailer or gameplay on EA Play

The live stream for EA Play 2021 this week has to do without trailers and news about Skate 4. As the developers of Full Circle communicate via the short message service Twitter, they are simply not ready to talk in detail about Skate 4 – or to show video material. But there is still a little consolation: In the course of today the developers want to share “something” with the fans.
There will be no news about Skate 4 in the live stream for EA Play 2021, the developers of the skateboard simulation announced on Twitter. Series fans who might have been hoping for a trailer or gameplay will have to be patient for a while. The creators write about the short message service that they founded a new studio with Full Circle in January and have been working hard on Skate 4 since then. “We know that many of you were hoping to see more of us this week,” write the creators. However, they are not yet ready for prime time and are therefore not part of the EA Play stream.
It’s still too early for Skate 4 to show anything, and they’ve committed to doing the right thing. This also means that it will take a certain amount of time. “Our ultimate goal is not to screw it up, for you, for us, for skate”, the developers of Full Circle continue to write.
The developers do not reveal any tangible details about the upcoming news.  It was announced at EA Play Live last year that Skate 4 is in the works. The new episode of the EA event runs on July 22nd.

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