Shroud of the Avatar, update 65: tweaks and adds, item weight changes

Shroud of the Avatar

Update 65 has become available for Shroud of the Avatar players. A host of tweaks and balances wait for us as well as some significant improvements in performance. More than that, a balance pass has been applied to tamed pets. Also improvements was made to combat, wave battle, crafting & economy updates, item weight changes, Xen Penetrator Bow balance, Dodge adjustments, batch consumable recipes, taming updates, Player Housing tweaks & much more.

Item Weight Changes: Crafting results now weigh less than source materials for most recipes. This resulted in tweaks to the weight on many different items. For the most part they were reduced but a few were increased. Food, crafted components, armor, creature components and arrows in particular had their weight reduced. Scrap is the one category of item that the weight is too low and was increased.

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