Shroud of the Avatar: The update will view the castle of the Lord Briton.

In the latest update, the Shroud of the Avatar team previewed Lord Briton’s castle.

Viewing the castle was accompanied by several photos that showed the courtyard, as well as the structure of the castle. The team wrote that players should have access to the second episode to check it out. There was also information about the adventure scene.

“The Lord British’s Castle adventure scene will feature dynamics similar to Chillblain’s Compendium of Pain and Suffering but to the extreme! Also known as the Challenge Dungeon, Chillblain’s Compendium of Pain and Suffering is an old dungeon accessible at the graveyard in Braemar of the Hidden Vale.”

Each time the rooms will become more and more difficult, and you will also be able to face 20 waves of enemies.

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