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Several changes and fixes to Black Desert.

Several changes and fixes to Black Desert have resulted from the latest maintenance.

The Sage recently received an Awakening not long ago, having been added to the game last month.Yesterday’s maintenance made a few changes to the Sequence, but the most numerous changes came with Sage’s Awakening. Here are some of the things that were touched upon:

  • Lightning Surge-Fixed an issue where using a skill after jumping from a height would transfer it back to its original location.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Cybelius that occurred when Sage, in his awakened state, stopped right before falling off a cliff.
  • Radiant Annihilation-Fixed an issue where some Arcanon effect strikes were not applied to distant targets.
  • Spear Bolt-Fixed an issue where skill enhancement effects were not applied in certain situations to his dash/dash strikes, Divine Executioner’s first strike, and first Lift action.

The requirement to learn the following skills for BGN 56 has also changed.

  • Piercing Flash – Increased the range of attacks for strikes in the dash.
  • Flash Piercing – Added more specific details to the key skill guide.
  • However, the Black strip of the Desert did not end there.
    Many other classes have also been changed, including Berserker, Valkyrie, Witch, Wizard, Kunoichi, Dark Knight, Striker, Mystic, Lana, Archer, Sentinel, and Nova. Other things affected in the service include items, quests, lore, background, NPCs, effects, cutscenes, user interface, various system changes, pearl shop, and more.

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