Sega’s Plans for its 60th Birthday

On June 3, Sega is celebrating its birthday, you ready?! company is turning 60 this year! And they are going to celebrate it with commemorative website and as they promise with “special content”.

Meet Sega Shiro, a new company mascot with an important connection to Segata. Maito Fujioka, the actor who plays Sega Shiro, is the real-life son of actor Hiroshi Fujioka, the man who portrayed Segata Sanshiro. Hiroshi Fujioka is probably more famous for his role as the original Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo.

Website is interesting, there is are interactive sections that takes you through their 60 year history and awards a score at the end for how many panels you watched. There already is 2020 marked by one of their release Sonic the hedgehog, live action feature film.

“The SEGA Group is planning a variety of special content for this 60th anniversary. Through this special content, we will deliver the passion of the SEGA Group to the entire world. We hope you’ll continue to engage with us throughout the year,” says on the website. No indication whether that’s a new game, movie, or otherwise, but anything new from Sega is exciting enough

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