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Season 13 in Destiny 2.

If you do not take into account the special “live” event and the missing triumph for printing, yesterday, along with the weekly reset in the world of Destiny 2, the final part of the content of the current hunting season became available.

Season 13.

According to available information, the current season should end on February 9, 2021 and, accordingly, the launch of the next one should also be expected in February. To refresh my memory, so to speak, below I decided to put together everything that is currently known about the upcoming season 13. More details about the key features of the season will most likely begin to be told next week (January 14).

  • Finally, the planetary resources associated with the removed locations will be removed, so you still have about a month to spend them usefully.
  • The developers are going to, so to speak, expand the new location of the Cosmodrome, so that it “corresponds” to the analog of the first year of Destiny 1. Most likely, it will also play a role in the plot of the season.
  • Weapons from Season 11 and 12 will be available in the World Engram pool (they can drop from any opponent). And weapons from season 10 you will find only at the gunsmith, although this is even better because of the ease of obtaining.
  • The game will return two raids from the first part – “The Devil’s Lair” and ” Fallen S. A. B. E. R.”, both located at the Spaceport. Quite a good addition, which even more diversifies the playlist of raids.
  • Not so long ago, developers implemented the ability to take contracts of Zavala, Lord Shaks, Wanderer through a mobile companion app.
  • In Season 13, you may be able to take contracts while in orbit.
  • The game will add six new legendary guns, two in each of the key activities of the game (raids, PvP, Gambit). At least there will be something to feed, although it all depends on their benefits
  • New seasonal weapons. It will work exactly the same as this season: first you choose which of the three activities to complete the tasks, and then take quests for skins.
  • DDOS protection will appear for all consoles.
  • Various other minor changes \ edits

Master of Ceremonies.

  1. In fact, yesterday the final “hunt ” finally became available, during which the guards will have to defeat the master of Ceremonies Ziva Arat. This hunt is slightly different from the others, as it is a full-fledged mission and does not consume bait charges, but it is available only once a week on each character (if, of course, you have more than 1 character). Unfortunately, therefore, an unpleasant feature may be associated with it.
  2. Despite the fact that after logging in to the game, the task icon automatically appears on the map of the City of Dreams, you must first talk to the Spider and the Raven to get the latest improvement to unlock the hunt (by the way, I’m not sure if you need to unlock the rest of the improvements to access the quest). After getting an improvement, we choose a new target in the bait, install mods at will (as I understand, they do not affect the difficulty at all) and start the hunt.
  3. The task itself is quite simple (if you have a light level of 1250 and above), but unfortunately, the final boss can not be killed at the very beginning due to the presence of a kind of small plot. I also strongly recommend not to rush because of the presence of an unpleasant bug that does not allow you to kill the boss at a certain stage, if this happens, you will have to start the mission again. Although thank God I personally have not encountered him yet, although I have already passed the task on different characters.
  4. As for the reward, if I understand correctly, on each character once a week you can get power boost (tir1) and heavy-duty equipment. But much more interesting is the exotic ship “The Fourth Mark”, indicated in the description of the awards, only at the time of writing there is no official confirmation of how exactly it falls out. So far, there are two versions – a random chance after killing the boss or a bug (based on this tweet). The first option is the most deplorable and, in my opinion, very strange. If you have 3 characters, the task can be completed 3 times a week, until the end of season 12 there is only a little more than a month left, and accordingly, you only have 12 attempts to get this seemingly good ship. If, however, this is what the developers have planned and you have already knocked out a sniper rifle \ rocket launcher, closed all seasonal achievements, passed all grandmasters, it remains only to “farm” the ship.

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