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Season 13 balance patch for Albion Online.

So finally, the Season 13 balance patch for Albion Online has arrived and makes several improvements to the Damaged Dungeons. This patch is technically called the Call to Arms 9 patch, but in a broader sense it is known as the Season 13 balance patch. The big improvements here are in the Damaged Dungeons, where a new Damaged mob of Mephita will appear after a while. It will disable the first player it skips. In addition, the sanctuary must be activated within 45 seconds. The healing cast was reduced by another 10%. And all cooldowns will now be reset at the beginning of the invasion.

Along with these improvements to Damaged Dungeons, the patch makes several changes to the combat balance in Albion Online. Some of these changes include:

  • Axes: Blood Harvest has been redesigned into a tool for performing AoE; Rage and adrenaline rush have been enhanced.
  • Daggers: Deathblow now consumes more energy when used exclusively for mobility, but is more energy efficient in combat.
  • Fire Staffs: Added a new Q-ability, Burning Flame: shots deal moderate damage, the fourth successful shot becomes a Furious Flame for more damage.
  • Swords: Increased mobility has returned to the Heroic Charge, various electronic ability cooldowns have been reduced, the hamstring has been redesigned, a new crescent cutting ability for the Clarent blade.
  • Armor: Energy Drain (Royal Armor) no longer steals enemy energy, renamed Energy Source
  • Shoes: The Royal March has been improved, the effective uptime of Combat Madness and Premonition has been increased.

The previous patch, the Call to Arms 8 patch, brought increased rewards for the deadly Gates of Hell. And most recently, the team celebrated its four-year anniversary with fireworks and many others.

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