You can fishing and cooking with new Sea of Thieves' update now

Sea of Thieves’ new update has prepared some fishing and cooking, also a new harpoon gun

Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves anniversary update has reached us, prepare for The Hunter’s Call, all ready to hit the high seas at the end of April. The dev team has just rolled out a new trailer demonstrating some of the new changes players would wait for. Also the big new addition is coming with the update, the eponymous Hunter’s Call trading company, which is all about good fishing. Players will be able to experience a diversity of sealife throughout the world, as such as some very rare species that will need the specific lure, a good cast, and plenty of patience and time to catch it up. A lot of Sea content has been added to Black Desert so you can start exploring the ocean and do bartering.

Fishmen can take their trophies to The Hunter’s Call to traid for some cash, or just fry it. With the widened cooking system, players can make a lot of new meals that, if they cooked in a right way, will supply “an extended dose of health replenishment,” but god help you not to burn it or undercook, which is worser. No one wants to be food poisoned out on the high seas.

Surely, this is not only about fishing and cooking to be a pirate. You want to feel like a real pirate, try out the new harpoon gun added with this update. Every ship now has two of them at its bow. Well, perhaps you can’t defeat Moby Dick with them, but they still have a variety of options that can be used to pull flotsam on a board, leash your ship to an enemy’s one to make occupation more easy, etc. You can see it all in action in the trailer below:

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