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Sea of ​​Thieves: In the fourth season you go to the diving station

Ahoy you landlubbers! Raise the sails and sink the anchor, because the ship will stay in place for now. In the fourth season of Sea of ​​Thieves you will no longer travel the sea above the surface, but in the depths of the ocean. The diving station will start on September 23, when season 4 begins.

Get out your eye patches and wooden legs, Sea of ​​Thieves calls. You don’t need your ship this time, because in the fourth season of the pirate game by Rare it doesn’t go up, but under the seven seas. So maybe you should pack swimming trunks instead of your saber.

Sea of ​​Thieves doesn’t go into hiding, you do?

The fourth season of Sea of ​​Thieves starts in a few days, more precisely on September 23rd. As the official Twitter channel of the game suggests, this time you can listen to the call of the sea if it wants to take you into the deepest depths of the ocean. By the way, last month almost 5 million players followed this call, thanks in part to the crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean.

The teaser trailer on YouTube is unfortunately somewhat poor in information and attracts visitors with sunken ruins and lost treasures. After all, there is a lot to discover underwater that a pirate’s heart desires. But speaking of desire: you better watch out for the sirens. Their singing is beautiful, but could cost you your life if you let yourself be seduced blindly.

The beasts with the beautiful voice are already part of Sea of ​​Thieves, with the motto “Call of the Sea” and the focus on exploring underwater, the sirens should play a more important role than before . Because the many different treasures in the ocean will certainly not give up the eerily beautiful creatures without a fight.

If you want to resist the temptation, it is best to do it like Odysseus, let yourself be tied to the mast and seal the ears of your comrades with wax. But don’t pull the rope too tight or you won’t be able to hold the controller when the fourth season of Sea of ​​Thieves goes diving on September 23rd. The pirate adventure is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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