Scarlet Nexus and Xbox series X

Recently Bandai Namco revealed its new action RPG game, Scarlet Nexus. A player can be Yuito Sumeragi, a member of the Other Suppression Force (OSF). OSF mainly destroys The Others who are mutants made of metal frames, flesh, and flowers.

Trailers that were revealed show us a colorful “Brain Punk” world, several monsters and some members of the OSF. We also get an idea of Scarlet Nexus gameplay looks like.

Yuito has the power to control a sword with his mind. Also a power of psychokinesis. He lifts and throws heavy objects. We see Yuito fight bosses and an alligator with a minigun in his mouth.

Members of the beloved Tales of role-playing games, including Tales of Vesperia, are leading the project of the new Scarlet Nexus which is a new franchise.

Although the releasing window wasn’t announced we already know it will has the new Smart Delivery feature.

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