Sandbox Interactive studio has plunged into work on the next large-scale update.

Having released their Albion Online on mobile devices at the beginning of the summer, the Sandbox Interactive studio team plunged into work on the next large-scale update, which, according to the developers, will focus on changes in the open world of the game.

To begin with, the creators plan to improve the graphic component, updating the appearance of biomes and at the same time reworking the map of regions. Further, the areas with treasures will no longer be tied to a specific place, and monsters will have the opportunity to be reborn into their enhanced versions. There will also be a new activity-Vortices of Power, where the heroes are required to deliver a special crystal to the shelter, but the difficulty lies in the fact that its location is displayed on the map. In addition, users will have access to a personal progress system designed to complement the guild seasons, and elite levels that allow them to further develop the character’s specialization in a particular outfit.

Meanwhile, in the vastness of the Outland itself, the test of the Undead began. The event will last throughout July, participants of the event will be able to unlock various themed items, including the illusory horse “Ghostly Lyutokaban”.

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