The popular simulator Rust was released for consoles

Rust was released on consoles

Nowadays game developers actively releasing their PC games on console platform. One of the pioneers was Bungie’s Destiny 2 that also implementing Crossplay, then we had Division 2 and other looter-shooters. And now console edition of the famous survival simulator Rust called Rust Console Edition was released by Facepunch Studios. Its available on PS4 and Xbox One and will be released for native consoles of current generation. Except for conventional issue, there’re also two improved ones including some extra bonuses.

An ordinary one costs 3579 rubles for PlayStation 4 and 49,99 dollars for Xbox One. It includes just Rust console edition.

Deluxe one costs 4279 rubles for PlayStation 4 and 59,99 dollars for Xbox One. It consists of the game itself and the new cobalt workman.

Ultimate edition’s price is 5719 rubles for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s edition costs the same as Deluxe. It includes everything above, elite fighting set and 1,1 thousand Rust money.

Speaking about the game itself, new console edition has now differences with habitual one. The developers worked out console edition tuning gamepad control and changed interface.

Rust was released on the Personal Computer in 2013 in pre-access phase and the full of value release took place five years later.

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