RuneScape has announced that the venerable MMORPG will be released on iOS and Android this summer. - MMOBoost.PRO

RuneScape has announced that the venerable MMORPG will be released on iOS and Android this summer.

It’s only been a few months for Jagex, the developer of RuneScape. They announced that the venerable MMO will be released on iOS and Android this summer, although the team has been dealing with this account recovery issue since March. Today, the team unveiled another update on this front for those still affected. Since March, the Jagex team has faced an issue that has banned players from logging into their accounts, with the issue being so severe that Jagex has had to go through the difficult process of recovering thousands of affected accounts.

But, if we talk about now, the team says that as of May 6, almost “every blocked account” has returned and is playing RuneScape. Accounts that are still blocked have been “more difficult to recover” and while the team is starting to get out of the woods, they are warning players to look for issues when they may return and to contact their care team to resolve them. In general, these players have been waiting for almost two months to return to the world of Gelidor, and the Jagex team is providing something a little extra for the affected players.

“In addition to the two months of membership we already covered, if you were an active member, we also added an additional two months of membership to your account (four months total) as a thank you for your patience. We’ve also sent you two extra in-game refund packs (meaning you’ll get three), and when you’re free, you’ll also get one more wish than most other players.”

But the development of a RuneScape did not stop while the team worked on these problems. The team has announced that their upcoming mobile ports will be released this summer, officially giving the full RuneScape experience to everyone in the palm of their hand (assuming you’re still not using Nokia brick). In addition, players will be happy to note that the team is looking to improve one of the least trained skills in the game-divination-in an attempt to make it more interesting in the long run.

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