RuneScape has announced that it will be hosting a Halloween festival.

Since Halloween is fast, it has captured almost all the magical worlds that it could, and so it did with RuneScape, which announced that it will have a Halloween festival going on.

Players can watch the event by going to Draynor manor. You will have a task, namely to help Death, Starvation, pestilence and Munchkin, in order to make sure that Halloween will pass in order and fully. Players will help the anti-heroes every day until November 8, so this event will be more like a daily task.

All players will be rewarded for their efforts and efforts. This year’s awards will be highly mythical, such as the death hood cosmetics and her scythe.Also, the Draynor estate will look more festive than ever due to the holiday.

The community update also deals with some of the patches, including looting, dungeon, personal power and much more.There will also be new improvements and fixes coming soon.

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