RuneScape has announced that it is reworking one of its least-trained skills-Divination.

RuneScape has announced that it is reworking one of its least-trained skills-Divination-to make it more interesting and more convenient for AFC.In its most recent player update, Jagex announced its work to re-equip divination to make it a skill that players are more likely to engage in. One way to actually do this is to make it a skill, which, oddly enough, gives more options to the AFK gameplay. But it makes some sense. Skills like mining and archaeology are a target for how the Jagex team hopes to get divination: something that allows the core gameplay to be essentially AFC, but ” rewards deeper engagement.””

“We want to bring Divination to the same field as skills like mining and archaeology, with core training that can be AFKd but rewards deeper engagement. While the core of the skill has some fundamental underpinnings, we felt that the skill is necessary in order to really mitigate the random parts of the experience and provide a minimum level of guaranteed collection per minute to reduce the amount of attention required for the skill.”

In short, the team is changing the way Divination works, improving the main loop and changing some of the skill interactions, including making the beams stay “within 5 tiles of the crater at any time”, and allowing the memory springs to stay for at least a minute.

Also, the Divination Transformation isn’t the only thing that changes with next week’s update, when RuneScape makes changes to Transmutation and other rewards, such as mechanics surrounding divination capes and divination clothing. Be sure to check out the full update notes before releasing them on May 4. Also, if you want to dive into RuneScape on the go, the highly anticipated MMORPG will officially launch on iOS and Android this summer.

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