Rumors about Batman: Arkham, release date, major changes

Batman: Arkham

As GamesRadar reports, a bit of marketing details out of Warner Bros. have leaked and it looks like a new game set in the Batman: Arkham universe. The rumors say it will include at least one “timed raid mission”, Gotham as “one of the playable areas”, multiplayers, loot, group gameplay, storylines with routes and even more of that. A release date must be somewhere in 2020.

Rumors also goes for Warner Bros. will be revealing this new game just ahead of E3 2019 with a trailer, showing R’as Ghul and a another one titled “Gotham” demonstrating the gameplay location.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, ha been asked about the rumor, then responded one Twitter user that he “didn’t want to spoil it” with a winky face emoji that the GR writer says may tell us, he’s aware of that game.

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