More RTX worlds are coming to Minecraft

A pretty upgrade is coming to Minecraft with the beta of RTX. The ray tracing tech makes everything look vibrant. Nvidia announced a while ago that it’s working with well-known creators in the Minecraft community.  They developed environments that show off the tech, and the five new worlds for the Minecraft marketplace.

Hilltop Lifestyle is an outdoor map based on an Italian hilltop village. Egg Hunt is a mini-game set underground in a cave full of traps and secrets. It tasks player to find the eggs in a short time. Medieval RTX is a survival game. It is set in a village settled below ancient ruins. The Dark Village RTX is another survival game set in a deep forest full of secrets and puzzles. And the last, The Observer RTX. It is an adventure that makes you exploring your way out of an entombed vault and discovering the secrets of the people who lived there.

The Minecraft with RTX beta, since the day it has been running (April 16), showed impressing results. Minecraft was also used as a teaching tool during the COVID-19 pandemic. A free map was showing benefits of social distancing and other education purposes for the Polish government.

Meanwhile, on May 26, Minecraft Dungeons is coming. It will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users.

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