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Round8 went to the Steam Games community page.

Round8 has moved to the Steam Games community page with a closed PC beta for Bless Unleashed to post new UI/UX improvements that players will notice during the next CBT. Now out team is still debating if Bless Boosting Store will remain the same. I guess we’ll decide closer to release.

The team provided us with a short list of features that have been improved in terms of the user interface. Also, below is a list of features that the team will finally implement for the upcoming update:

  • An emoticon system will be added.
  • Custom chat features to filter out unwanted content.
  • Optimized mouse and keyboard menu navigation.
  • The implementation of emojis will bring a fast new way of communicating, which is likely to become a popular way for players to express themselves without having to use a chat system.
  • The number of quests shown at the same time will be increased.
  • A semi-transparent map feature will be added.

Also, some of these improvements will lead us to changes that were made specifically for the PC, and now they will no longer be available for the console.

Bless Unleashed recently released their first huge update of the year with a spring update that brought new content and many improvements to the console version of the game as well. The PC version is still in closed beta, but is scheduled to be released later this year.

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