A post-apocalyptic battle royale Rogue Wave mode is now available to World of Warships

World of Warships Rogue Wave

Don’t think that you’d seen the last of new battle royale modes, because the last news is Wargaming adopts World of Warships: Rogue Wave. The temporary battle mode that’s “set in a dark and toxic sea world” will be coming to the game with the new 0.85 update.

Battle Royale Mode

In Rogue Wave, World of Warships’ new temporary Battle Royale mode, players will face off in four teams of three over resources in the flooded ruins of a sunken city, adding the ability for more than two teams to battle for the first time to World of Warships. Players will start with no consumable items, and will have to navigate a world on the brink of collapse with nothing but their ship and her armaments to defend themselves from other players. Other players aren’t the only threat, however, as throughout the match a wall of Wild Fire will steadily engulf the battlefield, pushing players closer and closer together, lest they get caught in the Fire and quickly lose HP.

Rogue Wave releases World Of Warships today. The mode is billed as a temporary one, only available during the course of Update 0.8.5, though I do half-suspect Wargaming might be testing the waters for a more-permanent fixture or spin-off.

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