Roblox has over 90 millions active users monthly, beating League of Legends, Dota 2, Minecraft


The casual child-friendly mini-game platform currently has more than 90 million monthly active layers (MAUs) across the world, Roblox said on April 7th. It makes Roblox more popular than League of Legends today, since the last one has reached to 100 million monthly active users in 2017 and those numbers have dropped after.

Thanks to worldwide expansion, specifically in Europe, that Roblox has grown that much. 150 of the top mini games now can be played in French and German, making those games more available for European users to enjoy. A bunch of the most popular “experiences” (mini-games) on Roblox was developed by Europeans as well, such as Ski Resort (Germany), Heists 2 (UK), and Crash Course (France).

Roblox is the best way to create what you’ve always dreamed of building,” said Crash Course creator, Chichine. “I can’t wait to see all these new players from France join the Roblox community.”

To estimate the scale of Roblox fanbase, considerate that Dota 2, the top game on Steam, has 11 million active players in month. League of Legends, which last reached to MAU numbers of 100 million back in 2017 probably has a not-so-big fanbase as Roblox in 2019. Roblox has perhaps exceeded its most comparable competitor, Minecraft, in monthly active players.

Roblox is now available at English, German, French, Portugese, and Spanish. It also plans to support other languages later this year. Since it already has a roadmap, it seems Roblox will increase its growth in the next several years.

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